Realtek joined the 2021 Industry Tech Days,an iconic engineering exhibition among Europe and the U.S.

> 2021 Industry Tech Days
> Time: September 13 to 17, 2021, Monday to Friday. The exhibition can be viewed online at anytime.
> Free Registration


Online digital exhibition is in vogue because of the world trend. It is the first time that Realtek takes part in Industry Tech Days, an international online exhibition. 2021 Industry Tech Days (ITD) is held by EETech on All ABOUT CIRCUITS. Engineers around the world can interact with each other via online video. The exhibition will be held for five days, from September 13 to 17, 2021, Monday to Friday. Visitors can sign up to watch video channels anytime during the fair. Thirty international technological companies will attend the event!

Create Your Ingenuity, the theme Realtek used for the exhibit, explains that Realtek can provide chip solutions that are highly compatible, easy to use, flexible, and can be used in various fields.These solutions can help engineers create unique products. Three themes of exhibition are available and very popular, AIoT (Ameba RTL8722DM), Bluetooth practice (RTL8773CO/RTL8762C/RTL8762D) and Long-Distance PHY (LDPHY). Our IoT and BT teams produced numerous videos to introduce Realtek chips and each video explains the advantage, application and design practice of chips in detail. Meanwhile, we provide technical articles and datasheet for products. Our exhibits are abundant and diverse. The following is the list of our themes for this exhibition:

  • LIVE SESSION : Easy Start to Make your AIoT Dream with Ameba RTL8722DM_MINI Evaluation Board SDK
  • ON-DEMAND WEBINAR : A Introduction to Bluetooth Audio SoC SDK – Hearing Enhancement Effect Demo with RTL8773CO
  • VIDEO : How to build up Bluetooth product in five days? Introduction to​ Richlink BLE 5.0 Module and ePy Lite​
  • VIDEO : IoT Evaluation Board Demonstrations with Ameba RTL8722DM_MINI
  • Technical Articles : Why need Long Distance PHY and how it be adopted?
  • New Product Introductions : Ameba IoT Solutions/ Bluetooth Solutions

Welcome to sign up for the exhibition online before grand opening. We will provide information on 2021 Industry Tech Day every month before the exhibition starts.

All ABOUT CIRCUITS is the largest engineering social network in EETech Group and was founded in 2004. After years of operation, All ABOUT CIRCUITS reached 640 thousand members, mostly engineers or R&D technicians, with 37% from North America and 23% from Europe. The website views reach four million per month. All ABOUT CIRCUITS offers specialized knowledge and resources and it is a highly active online platform.


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