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The theme of Realtek’s participation in the 2021 Industry Tech Days is “Create Your Ingenuity". Realtek’s chips are easy to use and highly compatible and feature new technology. We can provide all clients with perfect solutions. Solution providers or makers can use Realtek’s chips to create forward-looking products that satisfy the market’s needs and realize their imagination and create the future!

Realtek’s three main topics for the exhibition are the demo version of Ameba IoT SDK, Bluetooth chip and SDK design, and the long-distance PHY solution (LDPHY). We will introduce our chip development concepts and application scenarios, conduct practical demonstrations to display finished products, alongside detailed illustrations by our R&D engineers through videos or articles; as such, makers can fully understand how the chips can be applied to smart environments, smart homes, and smart mobile devices.

Realtek’s exhibits include the three items below:

  1. 1. Features of the demo version of Ameba IoT SDK

Topic of Video: Easy Start to Make your AIoT Dream with Ameba RTL8722DM_MINI Evaluation Board SDK

■ Video :

It introduces the application of the demo version of Ameba IoT to the AIoT field and the practical operation AIoT machine learning is the main trend of contemporary technology, and is not easy to get started. Realtek’s demo version of Ameba RTL8722DM_MINI Evaluation Board the latest generation in the Ameba D series. It features dual-band Wifi and BT5.0 functions. Compared with the previous generation, it has a smaller size, a microphone, and a micro SD card while supporting three different development platform SDKs, making it easier for users to develop IoT application designs and create works in the field of AIoT rapidly.

Topic of Video: IoT Evaluation Board Demonstrations with Ameba RTL8722DM_MINI

■ Video :

The demo version of Ameba RTL8722DM_MINI is demonstrated in the video to show how to design and operate using development platform SDKs, such as MicroPython, Realtek Standard, Arduino, and Tensor Flow Lite. There are 11 examples in the video, including basic LED lighting control, IoT smart home-related applications, and AI facial recognition design to meet the needs of makers of different abilities to show how diverse and strong Ameba RTL8722DM_MINI is.

Topic of Article: Ameba IoT Solutions

■ Video :

The article fully introduces Ameba 1 and Ameba D series of Ameba IoT SoC/MCU Solutions, and gives a detailed description of the technical specifications and application scope of the chip.

2.  Design projects of Bluetooth chip and SDK

Topic of Video: An Introduction to Bluetooth Audio SoC SDK – Hearing Enhancement Effect Demo with RTL8773CO

■ Video :

It gives a detailed introduction to the actual product development process of the Bluetooth Audio SoC RTL8773CO SDK. Through the software library, APIs, and external component extensions provided by the SDK, developers use the SDK to convert ideas into products, from development to verification to mass production, to successfully create the Bluetooth hearing enhancement software.

Topic of Video: How to build up Bluetooth product in five days? Introduction to​ Richlink BLE 5.0 Module and ePy Lite​

■ Video :

Realtek and its partner Richlink, a solution provider, jointly introduce how to build a Bluetooth mesh application environment through the Bluetooth module RTL8762C and ePy Lite in a short time. This project has combined the features of lightweight, low power consumption, and stable transmission of Realtek’s Bluetooth chip and Richlink’s integrated testing capabilities. As such, makers can actually conduct the evaluation and planning before making products from the solution provider’s perspective.

■ Topic of Article: Bluetooth Solutions

Video :

The article gives a complete introduction to each of Realtek’s Bluetooth chip product lines, including WorkerBEE (BT HCI Transceiver), HoneyBEE (BLE SoC), BumbleBEE Pro (BT Audio SoC), the details of the chip technical specifications and application scope.

3. LDPHY Solution

Topic of Article: The Adoption and Use of Long-Distance PHY

■ Video :

The specifications of the Long-Distance Ethernet PHY (LDPHY) chip RTL8201G(R)(I)-VB-CG meets and surpass the Ethernet standards in terms of network speed, transmission distance, and transmission media. A 2-pair Ethernet cable can support a transmission distance of 500 meters at 100Mbps. A single-pair Ethernet cable or a 75.5 coaxial cable can support a transmission distance of 300 meters or 500 meters at 100Mbps, respectively, in a transmission distance of 800 meters and one kilometer at 10Mbps, respectively. In addition, with the support for wide temperature, it not only provides clients with flexibility in product design but also saves end-users costs of wiring or cable replacement, thereby meeting the needs for a variety of Ethernet applications, such as long distance IP camera/Analog security camera, long distance switch, or long distance PHY converter/extender.

Chip R&D technology will drive the future trend of global technology. The solutions provided by Realtek’s chips can assist engineers in creating unique products to inspire more new ideas to be realized.

■ Free registration:

The online exhibition lasts for five days, and the video contents will be retained until October 17, 2021, during which they are all available online.

2021 Industry Tech Days is the most popular European and U.S. engineering online exhibition. It is a technology information exchange platform for many professional makers. The online exhibition will last five days from September 13 (Mon) to September 17 (Fri), 2021. During the exhibition, you only need to sign up online to watch the videos at any time you want.



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