Ameba IoT Will Support Matter Smart Home Standards in the Future

Matter (formerly known as Project Connected Home over IP or Project CHIP) is an open source standard project for smart homes, jointly launched by Amazon, Apple, Google, and the ZigBee Alliance in 2019. It aims to enable the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem to operate on multiple platforms simultaneously through existing network technologies (such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, as well as Thread and Bluetooth Low Energy). This will be a major step forward in the integrated development of the IoT. Realtek’s Ameba IoT is participating in the protocol development of Matter and various test events, and will fully support the Matter smart home standard in 2022.

Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) (Note 1) pointed out that Matter is a unified royalty-free IP-based connectivity protocol built with market-proven technologies, which aims to facilitate the secure connection of various IoT devices. Matter is basically a “seal of approval” to prove that a device under development is stable, safe, and compatible with multiple devices. Ameba IoT’s comprehensive support for Matter is to provide clients with chip solutions in alignment with market needs and to help clients enhance the competitiveness of product development. We plan to launch Ameba IoT upon the completion of the Matter protocol in May 2022. We will promote it carefully and adjust it as appropriate while committed to providing a highly secure and stable chip solution and eliminating consumers’ major doubt over the personal data issue during the use of IoT devices. We have tested the solution and applied it to smart lights, smart door locks, and thermostats, to create a smart home environment in which all devices are compatible and interoperable with each other.

Matter will also be a collaborative solution between three voice assistants of Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant in the future. That is to say, users can control smart home devices using their preferred personal voice assistants in the future.

Currently, many well-known brands have joined Matter. In addition to Amazon, Apple, and Google, there are TUYA,ASSA ABLOY,COMCAST,IKEA, etc. In the long term, Ameba IoT will continue to support the continuous development of Matter and will collaborate with more software and hardware companies to develop high-quality and highly integrated devices and services.

Note 1: The Zigbee Alliance, formed by large technology companies, including Amazon, Apple, and Google, also announced that it would be renamed the “Connected Standards Alliance" (CSA).


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