Ameba IoT Will Support Matter Smart Home Standards in the Future

Matter (formerly known as Project Connected Home over IP or Project CHIP) is an open source standard project for smart homes, jointly launched by Amazon, Apple, Google, and the ZigBee Alliance in 2019. Realtek’s Ameba IoT is participating in the protocol development of Matter and various test events, and will fully support the Matter smart home standard in 2022. read more

Dragon smart bandwidth optimization technology
Realtek 2.5G Ethernet controller Wi-Fi 6 equipped with Dragon smart bandwidth optimization technology

Improving network performance for working from home, distance learning, and online gaming.Realtek 2.5G Ethernet controllers and Realtek Wi-Fi 6 solutions enable network bandwidth usage to the fullest through exclusive ‘Dragon smart bandwidth optimization technology’. read more

Editor’s Choice – 2021 Industry Tech Days Recap

The 2021Industy Tech Days online exhibition has ended successfully! There has a total of 40,122 participants from 210 countries. Many popular keynote speakers in the industry were invited to the exhibition, including Arduino co-founder Massimo Banzi, NASA navigator Victor Glover and Michael Hopkins. All videos will be keep until October 17, 2021.You can watch it anytime! read more

Create Your Ingenuity
Create Your Ingenuity

The theme of Realtek’s participation in the 2021 Industry Tech Days is “Create Your Ingenuity". Realtek’s chips are easy to use and highly compatible and feature new technology. We can provide all clients with perfect solutions. Solution providers or makers can use Realtek’s chips to create forward-looking products that satisfy the market’s needs and realize their imagination and create the future! . read more

The Adoption and Use of Long-Distance PHY
The Adoption and Use of Long-Distance PHY

The Ethernet, which has advanced continuously over the last fifty years, plays an important role in the successful popularization of the Internet.Realtek launched RTL8201G(R)(I)-VB-CG, a Long-Distance PHY (LDPHY) chip, in 2019 in order to provide customers with more flexible choices in wire speed, transmission distance and transmission medium, and hence with the adaptability to different application scenarios. read more

TEMP 14+ Days
[Interview for Realtek’s Medical Bluetooth Achievements] Bluetooth Solution RTL8762CMF application – TEMP 14+ Days tracks temperature data perfectly

Starmen’s TEMP 14+ Days, a temperature sensor patch, was created to alleviate such burden on the medical staff. Starmen selected Realtek to launch the collaboration for the first time after consultation with multiple parties in the three markets of the U.S., Taiwan, and China. Through an exclusive interview given by Johnny Lin, President of Starmen, we will learn how TEMP 14+ Days was developed and how Bluetooth Solution RTL8762CMF is applied to products. read more

2021 Industry Tech Days (ITD)
Realtek joined the 2021 Industry Tech Day,an iconic engineering exhibition among Europe and the U.S.

Online digital exhibition is in vogue because of the world trend. It is the first time that Realtek takes part in Industry Tech Day, an international online exhibition. 2021 Industry Tech Days (ITD) is held by EETech on All ABOUT CIRCUITS. Engineers around the world can interact with each other via online video. The exhibition will be held for five days, from September 13 to 17, 2021, Monday to Friday. Visitors can sign up to watch video channels anytime during the fair. read more

Realtek Semiconductor Corp., a key player of home network upgrade

World economy has been hit by COVID-19. Lifestyle has been changed directly. Digitalization of physical activity has been accelerated. Pandemic in Taiwan is now under control but the need of online meeting and entertainment has been increased significantly. The home network environment for everyone must be upgraded to adapt to soaring network traffic. Low latency network technology is required for enterprise and consumer, showing lifestyle upgrade. read more

Realtek Launched the Second-Generation 2.5GbE Solutions upgrade network speed adapting new lifestyle in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

With over thirty years of experience in development of PHY and MAC chip technologies, over hundreds of network communication patents, and abundant market experiences, Realtek built a 2.5G Ethernet products with the smallest package, the lowest power consumption, the most reliable networking solutions around the world. It is the best choice of implementation for PC makers and network users. read more

Mobvoi adopts the Realtek RTL8762DW for low energy and high stability

Mobvoi is an AI company focusing on audio interaction and intelligent hardware. The investors include famous corporations such as Google and Volkswagen Group. Mobvoi and Realtek have collaborated for two years. This is the second time work together and adopted RTL8762DW Bluetooth 5.1, an ultra-low-power solution, to launch TicWatch GTH. With better specifications and performance, one million watches will be produced to enter the popular wearable market. read more

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