Realtek Semiconductor Corp., a key player of home network upgrade

More than change, it’s upgrade

World economy has been hit by COVID-19. Lifestyle has been changed directly. Digitalization of physical activity has been accelerated. Pandemic in Taiwan is now under control but the need of online meeting and entertainment has been increased significantly,

The home network environment for everyone must be upgraded to adapt to soaring network traffic. Most of the contents on the network used to be data, nowadays they are mostly video livestreaming. Low latency network technology is required for enterprise and consumer, showing lifestyle upgrade.

The price of Wi-Fi 6 is lowered to the entry level price and Wi-Fi 6 will become widespread

Wi-Fi has become essential to corporate and home networks. Specifications for Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E have been completed. Terminal and network devices, such as laptops, tablets and routers, supporting these new Wi-Fi standards, have been put into mass production and launched. However, end products that support Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E are mostly high-end products. but the chip solution with reasonable cost can better support Wi-Fi 6 technology in mainstream or entry-level products.

2.4GHz is very crowded. The 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channels are overlapped. It is getting harder to solve the problem of interference with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. In this situation, even if 2.4GHz supports Wi-Fi 6, the enhancement of network performance of 2.4GHz is not as obvious as 5GHz. Instead of achieving dual band Wi-Fi 6 with higher cost, it is better to adopt Wi-Fi 5 with lower cost for 2.4GHz to ensure greater balance between cost, performance, and user experience.

Realtek believes that in order to help more users enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 with a reasonable price, device manufacturers will produce more products with single band Wi-Fi 6 instead of dual band Wi-Fi 6.

Speed up to drive Ethernet 2.5G

In the last decade, wired networks will encounter a bottleneck if the Gigabit Ethernet is still used for home or SOHO networks. The Wi-Fi 6 device and equipment become widespread. Meanwhile, the market demand for 2.5G Ethernet leaps and will grow significantly in 2021. Realtek’s 2nd Generation 2.5G Ethernet solutions have the best energy efficiency (<700mW) and most compact packaging (6mmx6mm) in the world. Their support of PCIe (RTL8125B), USB (RTL8156B), 2500BaseX/HSGMII (RTL8221B) cover the interface requirements for all types of applications. They are the ideal 2.5G Ethernet upgrade choices for Gaming NB/PC, Workstation, NAS, Docking, Dongle, 5G CPE, and Enterprise AP products.

Endless Innovation Bluetooth broadcasting technology for diverse usage in daily life

Direct Bluetooth interconnection between devices is undoubtedly the most popular technology. Bluetooth SIG released Bluetooth 5.2 Standard in 2020. Highest attention must be paid to LE Audio, which supports broadcasting mode.

Bluetooth broadcasting is unprecedented and will expand Bluetooth application. One-to-one connection is not enough. Bluetooth must be able to support one-to-many broadcasting technology. For instance, if people want to watch TV or play video games without interrupting their family, they connect to numerous Bluetooth earphones using the broadcasting mode.

Comparing to conventional one-to-one Bluetooth connection, Bluetooth broadcasting mode can be used in more diverse ways daily.

Implementation of chip technology will play an important role

New normal digital life must provide technologies with high broadband, low latency and a greater capability for online video viewing. The new technology of Wifi 6E, 2.5G Ethernet and Bluetooth broadcast will be implemented quickly for daily life use in 2021. Development of Realtek’s chip supplier and relevant electronics manufacturer is highly anticipated.


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